$17.99 each



Raised beds are used to dry this delicate black honey process coffee. Villa sarchi, the focal variety is a mutation of bourbon with a shorter intrenodal distance and a greater fruit system. This coffee is depulped and left to dry for 12 days in its mucilage creating the honey process.


Roast Profiles:

We focus on roasting our coffees based off of their region and harvest properties. We like to continuously experiment and push the boundaries of lighter roasted profiles while modulating a clean depth and balance through the cup and into the finish.

  • Lighter roast yields a fun blend of citrus up front dissipating into a soft raisin and leaving a traditional nuttiness in the finish of the cup. The fruit forward acidity is bright but balanced out well through the finish of the cup.
  • Currently we are brewing on V60, Chemex and Siphon. Primarily at a 1:15 ratio. 


Brew Methods: