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Guatemala (Fedecocagua)


Info on Fedecocagua:

  • Fedecocagua: Federacion de Cooperativas Agricolas de Productores de Café de Guatemala (English translation: Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Coffee in Guatemala)
  • Fedecocagua has 148 cooperatives with 1.32 hectors of land and each family produces in small amounts
  • Members of the cooperative receive help maintaining high quality coffee, and helping with any financial difficultires
  • The majority of the cooperatives are small farmers of Mayan origin.
  • Fedecocagua is a democratically run organization focused on team work and assisting the small farmers.
  • Altitude: above 4500 ft
  • Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor
  • Grade: Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)
  • Process: Fully-Washed
  • Drying: Patio sun dried

Roast Profiles:

We focus on roasting our coffees based off of their region and harvest properties. We like to continuously experiment and push the boundaries of lighter roasted profiles while modulating a clean depth and balance through the cup and into the finish.

  • This profile we take slightly further out from first crack bringing it a to lighter medium profile that boasts a smooth cocoa and spice quality throughout the cup while allowing a soft citrus quality in it's cooling of the cup.

Brew Methods:

  • Currently we are brewing on V60, Chemex and Siphon. Primarily at a 1:15 ratio.