Kenya AA Dhahabu

$15.99 each


Kenya Dhahabu AA 


Dhahabu is a Swahili name meaning “Gold” This is a blend of top and traceable lots from the Kirinyaga county, one of the top producers of top Kenya coffee. This AA is a blend from the Konyu, Koangoi and Kii coffee factories. All of the farms are rich in volcanic sand and use fresh river water for washing.

Roast Profiles:

We focus on roasting our coffees based off of their region and harvest properties. While coffee is changing and evolving daily, we like to continuously experiment and push the boundaries of lighter roasting profiles while modulating a clean depth and balance through the cup and into the finish. With lighter roasting techniques the cup can yield more acidity and we try and highlight this property with a balance for all in mind.

  • Current roast yields a bright but balanced cup of molasses sweetness and a juicy yet tart melon quality on filter. On espresso it yields a bright grapefruit quality that tastes sweet with milk based drinks.

Brew Methods:

We brew Kenya on V60, Chemex and Siphon daily. We are currently running the same roast profile on espresso, yielding a bright grapefruit as a shot and sweet in milk based drinks

  • V60: We test ratios rather often but have found we and our customers enjoy 1:15 (21:315)
  • Chemex: Varying ratios depending on single cup or “for two” option, but we adhere still roughly to 1:15 ratio as well.
  • Siphon: Varying sizes but again 1:15 is a consistent theme. We pour one size Siphon. We get a nice milk chocolate and berry at 27:400 at a brew time of 2:30-2:45.