Detroit Vibes

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Detroit is a global landmark. You would be hard-pressed to meet someone who has never heard of Detroit or it’s stigma both good and bad. Detroiters aren’t afraid of the hard times, we thrive on them to create, inspire and rebirth ourselves as a city as well as the rest of the world. It would be easy to rattle off a list of names from Detroit that are synonymous with greatness, but it’s more important to remember one piece of history that is rooted in Detroit’s core still today and always. There’s something captivating about this city. Ever since it’s inception, the people of Detroit have never backed down and bleed passion to save their city. The great fire of 1805, completely leveled the city of Detroit. Instead of running, the town came together as a people and formed the “bucket brigade” ultimately creating an assembly line passing buckets of water from the Detroit River to the fire. Though the efforts valiant, they were unsuccessful, but instead of leaving the city for another developed area, they stayed and reinvented their city to embrace greatness. The flag of Detroit reads in Latin Speramus Meliora and Resurgent Cineribus translating to “we hope for better things” “it will rise from the ashes” DETROIT VIBES, is simply an ode to the past, present and future of Detroit. An all encompassing positive, passionate and artistic aura, the vibe in Detroit is incredibly strong. The entrepreneurial growth is evident as the vibe in the city is drawing people and companies from across the world to locate in Detroit. We’re proud to help be a part of the movement that is Detroit’s revival. Feel the vibes, the Detroit Vibes.

Crazy comfortable Triblend -  Minimal Shrink

50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon