Our Story


Our roots go back to middle school, where our founders AJ and Mike met playing baseball. Their friendship continued over the years, leading them to start a car club (thanks Fast and Furious) as well as coach little league baseball. As they roomed together downtown Detroit while attending Wayne State it’s there they realized their love and need for coffee. Fast forward 8 years and the unlikely duo, a pharmacist and a self taught artist and creator tapped their skill sets over a common need, coffee in the city of Detroit but also a unique take on coffee meant for everyone.

Mike lending his background as a pharmacist to analyze the physics of the beans and roasting coffee paired with AJ bringing the arts and ability to create a brand, they started ASHE in an apartment in South West Detroit.

Their goal was to create a brand around coffee that was meant for everyone and open to interpretation of their brand motto “Drink Coffee Live Wild” For the ASHE team, it’s about drinking coffee and finding themselves in nature, long van trips or ripping motorcycles. For everyone else, they wanted to be a catalyst for those to enjoy a better cup of coffee in their coffee shop, at home or however they might drink coffee and live wild.  We hope to see you on some epic journeys whatever that may be as long as your drinking coffee and living wild!