Tanzania (Peaberry)


“Peaberry” coffee is unique in the fact that it is a genetic mutation and accounts for less than 15% of all coffees produced each year. Generally a coffee cherry (yes, coffee is a fruit!) will have two seeds (beans) inside of the cherry itself, however, a peaberry is a mutation in which only one substantially smaller bean is produced and is shaped like an oval compared to a traditional bean having one flat side from being compressed against it’s sibling inside of the cherry. What does all of this mean? Well it’s an argument amongst coffee pro’s of whether or not the coffee has more caffeine and is sweeter. In our opinion we think the coffee does have a sweeter quality to it, however, the caffeine yield is relatively similar to all of our other light roast coffees. Try the peaberry, you won’t be disappointed, the roast yields a nice chocolate, lemon and sweet quality on pour over and the drip helps bring out a savory sweetness as well. Also, the beans are super cute, be friends with them and as always, drink coffee live wild.

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